Touge Rules.

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Touge Rules.

Post by RazR on Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:16 am

Establish common rules before the race and confirm that all racers know the terms. I will list how I race and how I think we all should as well.

1. If asked you must disclose your car class.
2. Racers should keep to the same class car, unless otherwise is agreed upon.
3. Two cars battling at a time. More is surely fun, but sometimes gets overcrowded.
4. Hitting another racer results in 3 seconds off the accelerator. (No gas)
5. Cutting through u-turns results in 5 seconds off your time or off the accelerator if confirmed.
6. If using the "cat and mouse" version, refer to my post on such.
7. If using point to point, the race is finished once someone reaches the designated "point b"

I will update this as needed, please ask questions! It will help with setting helpful rules or suggestions.


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