Cat and Mouse Rules.

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Cat and Mouse Rules.

Post by RazR on Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:27 am

Cat and mouse I have heard also referred to as "initial d" races. Here are the ground rules. This is my version, I believe it is more practical for horizon.

1. Two racers to each race, with a minimum of two runs.
2. Decide who the runner, or mouse is.The other racer will be the "chaser" or cat.
3. Both begin the race while rolling at equal speed, with the runner in front.
4. If the runner pulls away more than 5 car lengths, for 8 seconds they win that round.
5. If the chaser keeps up until the end, or passes the runner for more than 8 seconds, they win that round.
6. First to two victories wins. Which means each racer has a turn for each role.

If there is any confusion please ask for me to clarify Very Happy . Have fun!


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